Everton vs Ruzomberok: Over 2.0 goals

Everton vs Ruzomberok: Over 2.0 goals scored in the first half

The first half of the season of the English Premier League has come to an end. Everton and Ruzorye Sich have met in the last match, and the game ended in a draw. The score was 2:0 for the Toffees, who had a number of chances to win the match, but could not finish the game.
The match was held in the second half of Everton’s season, which is quite unusual for the team. The Toffs have not won the Premier League for several years, and this is the first time that the club has won it. The previous time it was the same team that won the title.
In the first match, Everton had a good start, but the game turned out to be quite difficult for the club. The first half was quite calm, but in the middle of the second period, the team was not able to solve the problems of the opponent.

The second half was much more interesting, and it was quite difficult to follow the game due to the large number of goals scored by the team and the score of the match.
At the end of the first part of the championship, the teams played in the following matches:
1. Manchester City – 4:1, which was not enough for victory.
2. Liverpool – 4-1, but it was not a success.
3. Tottenham – 4 goals, but Liverpool did not manage to win.
4. Chelsea – 4 points, but Manchester City did not win.
After the match with Liverpool, the City had a new champion. However, the club will not be able to win many trophies in the future, because the main rival of the club is Tottenham.
You can always follow the latest news on the Premier league on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the information about the results of matches, the number of red cards and the number and the position of the goals scored.
Ruzoryesich Sich
The team of the head coach of the team, Ruzor Nikolic, has not been in the top-5 for several seasons. However in the previous season, the Tochans managed to finish in the 5th place. The team has not won anything yet, but they have managed to get into the playoffs.
This season, Ruchorye has a new coach, who is not the head of the football club. This is the second coach of Nikolic’ team.
However, the most important thing is that the team has a good lineup. The main problem of the Tochoans is the lack of a good goalkeeper. The club has two of them, but both of them are injured.
One of the players of the main goalkeeper, Simeon Jackson, is also injured. The other goalkeeper, Danny Ings, is not playing well, and he is not able even to make a save.
It is clear that the Tochians will not win many titles in the near future, but their main goal is to finish the season in the playoffs, and they will try to do it.
Results of the matches of the PremierLeague
The season of English Premier league has already ended, and Everton and its head coach, Ronald Koeman, have not managed to win any trophy. The Everton team has only won the FA Cup once. The last time the Toftans won the trophy was in the season 2013-2014, when the team won the tournament.
After a long time, Everton managed to start winning trophies. The season was quite successful for the new coach of Everton, who managed to build a good squad and get into good positions in the standings.
Everton started the season quite well, but after a long gap, the players started to lose points. The players were not able not to finish matches, which led to the defeat of Everton.
Many people are not happy with the results, and many fans are not satisfied with the performance of the new Everton coach.
Main results of the Everton matches
The new Everton team started the PremierLiga season quite confidently. The new coach managed to find a good balance between the attacking and defensive lines.
Before the start of the tournament, Everton was in 5th position in the Premier liga, and after the first matches, it was in a good position. The problem of Everton is the fact that the players do not have a good coach. The head coach Ronald Koemans was not the best choice for the position, and his team did not have the right to win trophies.
Koeman’ coaching style was quite similar to the style of the famous Italian coach, Zinedine Zidane. The coach of Zidanes’ teams always tries to create a balance between attacking and defending.
During the first few matches of Everton’s season, it seemed that the new team was quite balanced, but then the team lost points.
Among the main problems of Everton are:
* Lack of a coach;
* Unstable lineup;
* Unsuccessful transfers.
Despite the fact, that the Everton team is quite balanced and has a decent lineup, the coach of Koeman did not succeed in building a good team.

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